Tawdry Titles

A list of some of our, um, worst ideas.

General Tawdriness

Masturbation in Ancient Greek

Ancient Viagra

More Farting

Words for Excrement in Ancient Greek

Vomiting in Latin and Greek

Ancient Greek and Roman Flatulence

Homeric Sexual Healing

Clitoral Etymologies

What to Name a Smutty Book?

Flaying the Flayed Dog

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Tawdry Tuesdays

A Wedding Recipe: We Need a Penis

Wanton Verse, Pure Hearts and Dicks for Sale

Martial and an Intertextual Homecoming

Pliny on the Knidian Venus

Cicero almost talks about Sex

Archilochus in the Meadow (Cologne Epode)

Beccadelli on Sparing the Rod

Greek Anthology on Mom Jokes

Martial on F*cking or Fighting

Zeus, Ganymede and a Cock

Lonely? Try a Sinister Replacement

A Poem on Erectile Dysfunction

What is the Strongest ‘Thing’ of All?

A Vergilian Poem on Erectile Dysfunction

Zeno on Self-Love

Suetonius on Words for Not Having an Erection

Hipponax’s Best Words: Mother-f*cker

A Poem for Rear-ends

The Dog and Twins Inside: Menophilia’s Universe

Hipponax with Another Word We Don’t Need

Objects D’Art: Phalloi

Zeus’ Golden Rain

Seeking Something Strange: A Terrible Poem

Martial’s Butter Face Poem

A Tawdry Trio from Martial

Martial’s Erectile Dysfunction Poem

Helen is Iphigenia’s Mother?

Screwing is Sweet: Two from the Greek Anthology

Remorse for 10,000 Drachmas

A Gigolo Joke Three Ways

“As Wide As…” Martial’s Worst Poem

The Judgment of Rufinus

Don’t Make Babies While Drunk

What Did the Greeks Eat for 10 Years at Troy?

Herbal Cures and Causes for Impotence

Proctological Proverbs

Priapic Ponds and Neuter Roots

Being the Beard

Books and Cocks

Short but Not Sweet, Martial on Licking