A History of Classical Scholarship

John Edwin Sandys’ A History of Classical Scholarship is the most expansive and comprehensive treatment of its title subject available in English, but unfortunately no easily-read text form is available on the internet. Most of the attempts at a digitized text have many serious errors stemming from the book’s unique typographical format and the extensive use of italicization and Greek characters. Because the various excerpts quoted from this work have proven to be popular posts in the past, I have decided to attempt to create an easily-accessed and relatively searchable version of the text on the site. It is a colossal work, and the project will therefore take some time. Yet, if one simply set out to read the individual sections of the book as they are posted, they might find that they had conquered this astounding encyclopedia of our discipline’s history with relatively little concerted effort by distributing the labor of reading over more than a year.

Chapters of the text will be available in a drop-down menu from the main site until this becomes unmanageable, but all chapters will also be listed and linked below. I am sure that no small amount of error will creep into the text as I work through it, and I hope that you will e-mail me about any errors, whether they be howlers or minute points of scholarly discrimination.


Chapter 1 – Introductory