Books and C*ck-Cutting: Another Tawdry Tuesday!

Antonio Beccadelli, Hermaphroditus 1.33:

Against the Tuscan Cocksucker Mamurianus:

“You are Tuscan, and of course cock has a certain charm for the Tuscan people. Mamurianus, my book is Tuscan too. Yet, I would cut the penis from my book – I would cut it out as soon as you asked. But I won’t cut if off unless you first promise that you don’t wish to suck it where the cock has been cut off.”

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33. in Mamurianum Tuscum penisuggium

Tuscus es, et populo iocunda est mentula tusco;
Tusculus et meus est, Mamuriane, liber.
Attamen e nostro praecidam codice penem,
Praecidam simulac, Mamuriane, iubes:
Nec prius abscindam, nisi tu prius ipse virilem
Promittas demptam suggere nolle notam.

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    1. I can’t even tell! I think that it may have just been the strain of trying to mimic the mode of Martial with his own unique twist.

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