Tawdry Tuesday, Object Edition

Yesterday I took students from my myth class to work with the Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae (LIMC), a wonderful, bedeviling, and at this point old-fashioned reference work. It is also indispensable because nothing comes near to its breadth and depth (why isn’t it online).

I encouraged students to look up something they were interested in (hopefully, something pertaining to a research project; at the least, something that brought them joy). One student found a phallos rhyton:


Phallus Picture

One of the things I love about teaching is that I am always learning new things from students. I have been teaching classical subjects for many years, and I honestly did not know anything about penis rhytons (drinking vessels).

Here’s the description, in German (the LIMC written entries are in the author’s preferred language, including English, German, French and Italian).

Phallos Sheet

Here are some others from online (Archaeological Museum, Pella):

Image result for phallus rhyton

Art Institute, Chicago, one from ancient Peru:

Rhyton in the Form of a Man with an Exaggerated Phallus


This one is for sale

Image result for phallus rhyton

4 thoughts on “Tawdry Tuesday, Object Edition

      1. Awesome. Glad I wasn’t crazy! More proof that Atlanteans/Ancient Aliens/Pre-Columbina European/African visitors really liked penis cups!

      2. Also, the first one-is that one classical? It reminds me of some East Asian art.

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