Are you in search of the wisdom of the ancients, but don’t know where to begin? Are you looking for more than the classical locus–do you search for the odd and the obscure as well?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Through this blog, and the accompanying Twitter feed (@sentantiq), we aim to bring you some of the most famous (and also most confounding) quotations from the ancient world. In addition, we also take pleasure in shining lights on some of the forgotten shelves and corners of classical heritage. You’ll find tidbits from the Archaic Age in Greece all the way through imperial Rome and up to the fall of Byzantium. By Jove, if there is something somewhat classically oriented later than that, you might find it too.

In the real world, we are teachers and compulsive readers. At times, we even dabble in some forms of scholarship as well (longer translations, commentaries etc.). So Sententiae Antiquae is something of a digital commonplace book, replicating all the delights and horrors of ancient authors like Aulus Gellius, Aelian, Macrobius and Philostratus. We are not saying we are anywhere near as good as these guys. But we do quote from them…

Please feel free to comment, question, share your own favorite quotations! We are always willing to widen the circle with additional correspondents, so feel free to email Erik (palaiophron@gmail.com) or Joel (joel@brandeis.edu).


We are always rethinking, expanding, or trashing our mission. Currently, we have two mottoes, one Greek, one Latin:



For now, this says it all.

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  1. Hello, admin., Sententiae Antiquae. Sorry I forgot your name. We at Linear B, Knossos & Mycenae, are now partners with Koryvantes, the Association of Historical Research (Athens) and the Institute of Archaeology (Belgrade), publishers of the annual Archaeology and Science,


    PS I was just published in Vol. 10 (2014), published in April 2016, here:


    and we would very much like to partner with your extremely important site. Please sen me a private e-mail to vallance22@zoho.com with your return e-mail address, if you are interested.

    Thank you

    Richard Vallance Janke

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