Eupolis fr. 129 (Athenaeaus 408c)

If someone chances to hit first, he gets a trophy;

but for a man is a good and dutiful citizen,

even if he conquers everyone in honesty,

there is no trophy



κἄν τις τύχῃ πρῶτος, εἴληφε χειρόνιπτρον,

ἀνὴρ δ᾿ ὅταν τις ἀγαθὸς ᾖ καὶ χρήσιμος πολίτης,

νικᾷ τε πάντας χρηστὸς ὤν, οὔκ ἔστι


I cheated a bit on χειρόνιπτρον, but I thought that “trophy” would make more sense in English…

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