Eupolis fr. 129 (Athenaeaus 408c)

If someone chances to hit first, he gets a trophy;

but for a man is a good and dutiful citizen,

even if he conquers everyone in honesty,

there is no trophy



κἄν τις τύχῃ πρῶτος, εἴληφε χειρόνιπτρον,

ἀνὴρ δ᾿ ὅταν τις ἀγαθὸς ᾖ καὶ χρήσιμος πολίτης,

νικᾷ τε πάντας χρηστὸς ὤν, οὔκ ἔστι


I cheated a bit on χειρόνιπτρον, but I thought that “trophy” would make more sense in English…

Eupolis, fr. 356


“I hate Socrates too,

that prattling panhandler

who figured out everything

except where he can get someting to eat.”


μισῶ δὲ καὶ Σωκράτην

τὸν πτωχὸν ἀδολέσχην,

ὃς τἆλλα μὲν πεφρόντικεν,

ὁπόθεν δὲ καταφαγεῖν ἔχοι

τούτου κατημέληκεν


Eupolis? I guess he lost the battle with Socrates.