Your Lovely Glory

IG II² 3783, Attica c. 302 BCE

If mortals’ noble mind previously found anything in an art
I claim that you have gazed upon everything in your polished thoughts,
Evaluating the wise judgment of doctors and selecting
The best from books with your soul’s eye,
Then you, Argaios have offered the rejuvenating delight
Of Bacchus’ wine that wards off limb-breaking labors.
Thanks to these things, the lovely glory of your craft will never die,
And will become brighter than the stars in the sky.”

εἴ τι π[άρ]ος μερόπων γεραὸς νόος εὗρ’ ἐνὶ τέχναι,
φαμί σε [πᾶ]ν κατιδεῖν εὐξυνέτοις πραπίσι,
κρίνανθ’ ἱητρῶν σοφὰ δόγματα καὶ τὸ περισσὸν
ἐκ βύβλων ψυχῆς ὄμματι δρεψάμενον,
εὐιάδος τ’, Ἀργαῖε, πορεῖν γάνος ἁμερίοισιν
οἴνας γυιοπαγεῖς ῥυόμενεον καμάτους.
ἀνθ’ ὧν σοῦ τέχνας ἐρατὸν κλέος οὔποτ’ ὀλεῖται,
λαμπρότερον δ’ ἄστρων ἔσσεται οὐρανίων.

Oil payment of an older monk with a beard smelling a glass of wine
Monk drinking wine,,_European,_Monk_Drinking_Wine_XIXe.jpg

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