No False Report of Myth

IG IX,1 658, Ithaka c. 2nd Century BCE

“This is the stone is the memorial for Euthudamas, stranger
Who once was first in sea-girt Ithaka
In both counsel and hands for war. To his child Timeas
He left his possessions and undying glory.”

τήνω τοι τόδε σᾶμα τὸ λάϊνον, ὦ <ξ>έν’, Εὐθυδάμ[ω],
ὅς ποκ’ ἐν ἀμφιάλωι πρᾶτος ἔ<γ>ε<ν>τ’ Ἰθάκαι
καὶ βουλᾶι καὶ χερσὶν ἐς Ἄρεα. Τιμέαι δὲ παιδὶ
ἔλλιπε καὶ κτῆσιν καὶ κλέος ἀθάνατον.

IG IX,1² 2:408, Akarnia, Stratos 2nd Century BCE

“The fame of the excellence of those who have past shines bright–
Their countless victories of unconquered spear remains through their deeds.

No false report of myths pours over them, but instead the cast of
Recognizable bronze. Pantaleon son of Agemos.

This gift from Sosander, which was dedicated for Pantaleon,
Commander of the lovely footrace of the youths
God, for this is right, amplify them, bestow a
Name upon the man and kind ends to his life.”

[κ]αὶ φθιμένων ἀρετᾶς λάμπε[ι] κ̣λέος, οἷσ[ι] δ̣ι’ ἔργων
[μ]υρί’ ἀνικάτου μίμνει ἄεθλα δορός·

οὐ ψευδὴς μύθων κέχυται φάτις, ἀλλ[ὰ] τυπωθεὶς
χαλκὸς ἀρίγνωτος· [Π]α[νταλέω]ν̣ Ἀγέμ[ου].

Σωσάνδρου δώρημα, τ̣ὸ [θ]ήκ[ατο] Πανταλέ[ωνι]
ἀρχεύσας ἐρατῆς γυμν[άδο]ς ἠιθέων.
τῶι καὶ, δαῖμον, ἄεξε ——τὸ γὰρ [θ]έμις—— [ο]ὔνομα κλῄζω̣[ν]
ἀνέρα καὶ βιότου πείρατα κεδνὰ πόροις.


4 lines of greek inscribed on stone. black and white photograph
A different inscription from

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