Solon, frag. 27.7-10

“In the fourth part of life every man reaches the peak of his strength

which brings all men to the boundaries of virtue.

But in the fifth portion it is time for a man to think about marriage

and to seek after children to leave behind him.”


τῆι δὲ τετάρτηι πᾶς τις ἐν ἑβδομάδι μέγ’ ἄριστος

ἰσχύν, ἧι τ’ ἄνδρες πείρατ’ ἔχουσ’ ἀρετῆς.

πέμπτηι δ’ ὥριον ἄνδρα γάμου μεμνημένον εἶναι

καὶ παίδων ζητεῖν εἰσοπίσω γενεήν.


Welcome to the fifth part of life, brother!


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