Homer, Odyssey, 11.489-491


“I would rather serve as slave to another man

a man with no land and livelihood

than be a king over all the rotted corpses”


βουλοίμην κ’ ἐπάρουρος ἐὼν θητευέμεν ἄλλῳ,

ἀνδρὶ παρ’ ἀκλήρῳ, ᾧ μὴ βίοτος πολὺς εἴη,

ἢ πᾶσιν νεκύεσσι καταφθιμένοισιν ἀνάσσειν.


Achilles’ words to Odysseus (according, of course, to Odysseus)


Paul Thomas’ “Odysseus meets Achilles”

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