Artemis, A Magnificent Name

Sappho fr. 44a [=P. Fouad 239]

“(Phoebus with his golden locks, whom Coeus’ daughter
Bore after having sex with the great-named, high-cloud son of Kronos.

But Artemis swore the great oath of the gods:
“By your head, father, I will remain a maiden
unbroken, hunting over deserted mountain peaks.
Come, agree to this favor for me.”

So she spoke. And the father of the blessed gods assented.
Now gods and men call her the maiden huntress,
The shooter of deer, a magnificent name.
And that limb-loosener love never nears her.”

]σανορε . . [
Φοίβωι χρυσοκό]αι, τὸν ἔτικτε Κόω [όρα
μίγεισ᾿ ὐψινέφει Κρ]ονίδαι μεγαλωνύμι·
Ἄρτεμις δὲ θέων] μέγαν ὄρκον ἀπώμοσε·
νὴ τὰν σὰν κεφά]λαν, ἄϊ πάρθενος ἔσσομαι
ἄδμης οἰοπό]ων ὀρέων κορύφσ᾿ ἔπι
θηρεύοισ᾿· ἄγι καὶ τά]ε νεῦσον ἔμαν χάριν.
ὢς εἶπ᾿· αὐτὰρ ἔνευ]ε θέων μακάρων πάτηρ.
πάρθενον δ᾿ ἐλαφάβ]ολον ἀγροτέραν θέι
ἄνθρωποί τε κάλε]σιν ἐπωνύμιον μέγα.
κήναι λυσιμέλης] Ἔρος οὐδάμα πίλναται…

Carving with a figure facing forward. Somewhat rough with birds on either side. The head is large with large eyes. Represents Artemis as queen of the animals.
Artemis Orthia in the usual stance of Potnia Theron on an archaic ivory votive offering, (National Archaeological Museum of Athens)

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