Critias, fr. 11. 1-4 (Pirithous)



“A good character is stronger than the law;

It is a thing no orator can ever twist

Over and back as he troubles it and stains

It with words.”


τρόπος δὲ χρηστὸς ἀσφαλέστερος νόμου·

τὸν μὲν γὰρ οὐδεὶς ἂν διαστρέψαι ποτέ

ῥήτωρ δύναιτο, τὸν δ’ ἄνω τε καὶ κάτω

λόγοις ταράσσων πολλάκις λυμαίνεται


Who is Critias? Even Plato (his grand-nephew) liked to talk about him…But, alas, he was one of the Thirty Tyrants too.  So, no friend to Lysias.

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