Euripides, fr. 420 (Ino)


“Do you see how small things bring down once far-reaching tyrants and a single day lays some things low and raises up others?”


ὁρᾷς τυράννους διὰ μακρῶν ηὐξημένους

ὡς σμικρὰ τὰ σφάλλοντα, καὶ μί ᾿ ἡμέρα

τὰ μὲν καθεῖλεν ὑψόθεν, τὰ δ ᾿ ἦρ᾿ ἄνω;


I know, I cheated a little bit here: ηὐξημένους doesn’t mean “far-reaching” (it means “increasing”). I just liked that more. And I put the sense of the aorist into the temporal “once”.  Lazy summer days.

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