The Bloom of Good Government, A Song

Pindar, Paeans Fr. 52a [= P. Oxy. 841 (5, 1908) [ΘΗΒΑΙΟΙΣ]]

“Before the painful onset of old age,
Let everyone shelter a heart free of anger
In happiness within measure,
Once they have seen
The strength safeguarded in their home.

Iē, Iē! now the Full Year
And the Seasons, Themis’ offspring,
Have arrived at the horse-whipping city of Thebes,
Bearing a garland-loving banquet for Apollo.

May Paian crown the offspring of these people
With the blooms of good government for a long time.”

πρὶν ὀδυνηρὰ γήραος σ̣[. . . . . μ]ο̣λεῖν,
πρίν τις εὐθυμίᾳ σκιαζέτω
νόημ᾿ ἄκοτον ἐπὶ μέτρα, ἀδών
δύναμιν οἰκόθετον.

ἰ]ὴ ἰή, νῦν ὁ παντελὴς Ἐνιαυτός
Ὧρα[ί] τε Θεμίγονοι
πλάξ]ιππον ἄστυ Θήβας ἐπῆλθον
Ἀπόλ]λωνι δαῖτα φιλησιστέφανον ἄγοντες·
Παιὰ]ν δὲ λαῶν γενεὰν δαρὸν ἐρέπτοι
σαό]φρόνος ἄνθεσιν εὐνομίας.

Figure in toga/robes looking up t o the left while holding on to a marble column. Oil painting.
Paolo Veronese, Good Government. 1551/2

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