Periklean PeaCOCKS

Plutarch, Pericles 13.14

 “When the comic poets found out about the account, they dropped loads of improprieties on him, making claims about Menippus’ wife, the man who was his friend and lieutenant, and adding things about Pyrilampes and his pet birds. Pyilampes was Perikles’ friend and had been charged with using peacocks to attract the women Perikles was trying to seduce.”

δεξάμενοι δὲ τὸν λόγον οἱ κωμικοὶ πολλὴν ἀσέλγειαν αὐτοῦ κατεσκέδασαν, εἴς τε τὴν Μενίππου γυναῖκα διαβάλλοντες, ἀνδρὸς φίλου καὶ ὑποστρατηγοῦντος, εἴς τε τὰς Πυριλάμπους ὀρνιθοτροφίας, ὃς ἑταῖρος ὢν Περικλέους αἰτίαν εἶχε ταῶνας ὑφιέναι ταῖς γυναιξὶν αἷς ὁ Περικλῆς ἐπλησίαζε.

Museum Meermanno, MMW, 10 B 25, folio 36r

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