A Farewell to Storify: Some Stories Before They’re Gone

The service Storify is going to close over the next years. Even though we have not used the format often, we have used it a few times in conjunction with some of our more unconventional moments. Below are the five stories we have made.

  1. Earlier this fall, we used Storify to assemble a twitter discussion about M. L West’s new Teubner. This was interesting and edifying for some, even if some on Facebook felt otherwise.

Story: A Group Review of West’s Teubner

2. About a month before Thanksgiving we asked which figures from Greco-Roman antiquity people would invite to dinner. There were lots of favorites, but some surprises too.

Story: DeadClassics Party

3. At the beginning of the fall, I used Storify to bring together my burgeoning obsession with animal noises in other languages.

Story: Zooglossia, What Animals Say in Different Languages

4. Over the summer, Erik and I spent some time at a museum. We took some pictures, posted some things. People seemed to enjoy it. The result? Storify!

Story: SententiaeAntique IRL: Erik and Joel Go to a Museum

5. But by far the most poignant use was when we noted the passing of a cherished Latin teacher at UTSA by debuting the hastag #mylatinteacher to recognize the contributions Latin teachers have made to so many lives.

Story: Gratitude for My Latin Teacher


Storify: Multas gratias tibi. Ave atque Vale

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