Sententiae Antiquae IRL: Erik and Joel Go To A Museum

As some people know, the blog and the twitter feed @sentantiq are run by a two headed beast. Erik teaches Latin at a high school in Texas; Joel teaches Greek at Brandeis University. Until last year, we lived in the same city and had lots of time to engage in literary and linguistic shenanigans. We have kept in touch and in trouble over email and over the phone for the past year. But, this week, Erik came to new England.

So, today, we went to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and took some pictures. We put them on twitter with the creative hastag #sentatiqgoestoamuseum. It was intense. It was fun. Everyone should do it.

Here are some tweets and some pictures we made. We will be adding pictures and some reflections on the art over the following weeks.


Trying to get a good angle

And here are some actual photos of us together.

Erik and Joel 1

Erik and Joel 2

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