Working, Sleeping, Coming Back: Some Plautine Fragments

Plautus, Addictus

“I really prefer work more than sleeping…”

opus facere nimio quam dormire mauolo:


Boeotia, fr 1

“I hope the gods destroy the guy who invented hours”

par ut illum di perdant, primus qui horas repperit



“I’d jump headfirst into a well…”

saliam in puteum praecipes


Frivolaria, fr. 6

“You should do what you do eagerly, not by force!”

naue agere oportet quod agas, non ductarier.



Fr. 12

“Despite his age and gray hair, he’s a fool”

stultus est aduorsum aetatem et capitis canitudinem.


Fr. 42

“Why are you muttering and torturing yourself?”

quid murmurillas tecum et te discrucias?


fr. 47

“Be my enemy until I come back”

 inimicus esto, donicum ego reuenero

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