Half-Words, Latin Edition

Last month we posted some Greek hemi-compounds. There was a request for a Latin version. Here we go: these are all printed in Lewis & Short.

Semianimus, “half-alive”

Semibos, “half-ox”

Semicanis, “half-dog”; cf. semideus, “half-god”

Semicanus, “half-gray”; cf. Semisenex, “half-old”

Semicaper, “half-goat”

Semicoctus, “half-cooked”

Semicrudus, “half-raw”

Semidoctus, “half-taught”

Semifactus, “half-done”

Semifumans, “half-smoking”

Semihiuclus, “half-opened”

Semiinteger, “half-whole”

Semimortuus, “half-dead”

Seminecis, “half-dead”

Seminudus, “Half-naked”’

Semipuella, “half-girl”

Semirosus, “half-gnawed”

Semitactus, “half-touched”; cf. semitectus, “half-covered”

Semisermo, “half-speech” (i.e. “jargon”)

Semisomnus, “Half-asleep”; cf. semivigil , “half-awake”; semisoporus, “half-asleep” and semipsopitus, “half asleep”

Semivietus, “half-shriveled”

Semivir, “half-man”

Semivivus, “half-alive”


Centaur & Cupid | Greco-Roman statue

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