Half Words

ἡμιβάρβαρος: “half a barbarian”

ἡμίβιος: “half-alive”

ἡμίβροτος: “half human”

ἡμίβρωτος: “half-eaten”

ἡμίγαμος: “half-married”

ἡμιγένειος:  “half-bearded”

ἡμιγέρων: “half an old man”

ἡμίγραφος: “half-written”

ἡμίγυμνος: ‘half-naked”

ἡμιδακτύλιον: “half a finger’s length”

ἡμιδράκων: “half-dragon”

ἡμίθηρ: “half a beast”

ἡμίκακος: “half-evil”

ἡμίκενος: “half-empty”; cf.  ἡμίμεστος: “half-full”

ἡμικρής: “half-a-Cretan”

ἡμιμαθής: “half-learned”

ἡμιμανής: “half-mad”

ἡμιμεθής: “half-drunk”

ἡμιτελής: “half-done”

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6 thoughts on “Half Words

  1. COOL!!–do you plan a LATIN followup?–if not, I may do one on LITRW! 🙂 Rick


  2. The ancient Greek word for “mule” was ἡμίονος, meaning “half-donkey.” Philogelos tells a joke about a man from Abdera who owed someone a donkey and, when he did not have one to give, he asked if he could give two mules instead.

  3. As a literal ἡμικρής, and definitely ἡμιμαθής as well, I very much appreciate the fact that you took the time to make this list.

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