There’s No Trusting Those in Power (Phaedrus)

Phaedrus, Fabulae 1.5:  The Cow, Goat, Sheep and Lion

“There can be no true friendship with those in power.
This story is the proof of my assertion:
A cow, goat, and innocent sheep
Were allies to a lion in groves of trees.
Together they captured a humungous deer.
When the portions were made the lion said:
‘Because I am a lion I take the first part as mine.
Because I am brave, you yield to me the second too.
Then, the third as well, because I am stronger than you.
Should any of you touch the third, he’ll be killed.’
And so the lion stole all the spoils without guilt.”

Numquam est fidelis cum potente societas:
Testatur haec fabella propositum meum.
Vacca et capella et patiens ovis iniuriae
Socii fuere cum leone in saltibus.
Hi cum cepissent cervum vasti corporis,
Sic est locutus, partibus factis, leo:
Ego primam tollo, †nominor quia leo;
Secundam, quia sum fortis, tribuetis mihi;
Tum, quia plus valeo, me sequetur tertia;
Malo afficietur si quis quartam tetigerit.
Sic totam praedam sola improbitas abstulit.

This cannot end well:

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