Tibullus, 3.7 18-27: Billy Joel Said Something Like This

“Let someone else describe the miraculous work of the great world,
How the land sinks within the immeasurable air
And how the sea flows around the turning globe
Or where the wandering air struggles to rise from the earth
Or how joined to it, the burning aether often flows
And how everything is enclosed by heaven hanging above.
Whatever my songs should dare to reach,
Whether they make it up to you, which hope forbids
Or a bit less or more—and certainly it will be less—
I dedicate all of this to you and that way my page
Will never be missing its bit of greatness.”

Alter dicat opus magni mirabile mundi,
qualis in immenso desederit aere tellus,
qualis et in curuum pontus confluxerit orbem, 20
et uagus, e terris qua surgere nititur, aer,
huic et contextus passim fluat igneus aether,
pendentique super claudantur ut omnia caelo;
at quodcumque meae poterunt audere camenae,
seu tibi par poterunt seu, quod spes abnuit, ultra 25
siue minus ( certeque canent minus), omne uouemus
hoc tibi, nec tanto careat mihi carmine charta.


I was wrong with the title of this one.  I was actually thinking of the Elton John song “Your Song”. Sorry, Sir Elton.

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