Licymnius fr. 770 (Athenaeaus, Deipnosophists 13.564d)


“Because he loved the lights from his eyes,

Sleep made the boy rest with eyes pried open.”


Ὕπνος δὲ χαίρων

ὀμμάτων αὐγαῖς, ἀναπεπταμένοις

ὄσσοις ἐκοίμιζεν κόρον.


See? It never pays to be loved by a god.


Licymnius? So obscure he’s sub-wikipedial. Aristotle mentions him (Rhet. 3.12.1413b) and so does Plato (Pl. Phdr. 267b). He’s quoted by the likes of Athenaeus, Philodemus, Sextus Empiricus, Stobaeus and the ever-chaste Parthenius.

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