Fathers and Mothers of the Gods?

Philodemos, On Piety, 4688-4707

“In the verses we attribute to Epimenides, the rest [of creation] comes from Air and night. But Homer says that Okeanos produced the younger generation of gods from Tethys (“Okeanos and birth of the gods and their mother Tethys”, [Il. 14.201]). Yet, Abaris thinks it was Kronos and Rhea, while others claim that Zeus and Hera are father and mother of the gods. Pindar thinks that they come from mother Kybele when he sings “queen Kybele, mother…”

…..] ἐν δὲ τοῖς
εἰς ᾽Επι]μενίδην
ἐξ ᾽Αέρος] καὶ Νυκτὸς
τἆλλα σ]υστῆναι,
ἀλλὰ δὴ] ῞Ομηρος
ἀποφαί]νετ᾽ ᾽Ωκεα-
νὸν ἐκ] Τη[θ]ύ[[οε]]ος
τοὺς νέ]ους γεννᾶν
θεούς· «᾽Ω]κεανόν τε
θεῶν γέ]νεσιν καὶ
μητέρα] Τ[ηθύ]ν» εἰ
πών. ῎Αβα]ρ̣ις δὲ Κρό-
νον τε κ]αὶ [῾Ρ]έαν, οἱ δὲ
Δία καὶ]῞Ηραν πατέ-
ρα καὶ] μητέρα θε-
ῶν νο]μίζουσιν. Πίν-
δαρος] δ᾽ [ἐκ] Κυβέ-
λης μ]ητρὸς ἐν τῶι
«δέσπ]οιν[αν] Κυβέ-
λαν] ματ[έρα»] …

Cybèle Potnia theron.jpg
Hellenistic Cybele, 3rd Century BCE, Naples Archaeological Museum

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