A Student Debt Proposal: Collect The Balance In Hell

Recent reports say we are hitting a tipping point for student loans. It is telling (and damning) that certain sectors consider student loans a crises only when delinquent payments reach a certain point. It was totally fine when two generations of students had their entire lives shaped by the cost of education….

This charming detail from Valerius Maximus might be the perfect rider for an education bill right about now…

Valerius Maximus, Wondrous Deeds and Sayings 2.6.10

“This ancient custom of the Gauls returns to my mind as I leave their walls: The story goes that they used to loan money which was scheduled to be repaid in the underworld, because they considered human souls to be immortal. I would call them fools if they didn’t believe the same thing wearing pants as Pythagoras did wrapped in his cloak.”

Horum moenia egresso vetus ille mos Gallorum occurrit,quo[s] memoria proditum est pecunias mutuas, quae iis apud inferos redderentur, da<ri soli>tas,  quia persuasum habuerint animas hominum immortales esse. dicerem stultos, nisi idem bracati sensissent quod palliatus Pythagoras credidit.

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3 thoughts on “A Student Debt Proposal: Collect The Balance In Hell

  1. As an Orphic, I demand that I have the right to hold off on paying student loans until after my death. Refusing this goes against my First Amendment Rights!

    If Christians can ban people from stores for being gay then what’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

      1. Like I said, if they get to do ridiculous things because of their religion then I want exemption from student loans until my death. I’m an American citizen and if they want “religious freedom” then they better be ready to follow that to the letter of the law!

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