Pliny, Trajan and a Grant of Citizenship

CVI Pliny to Trajan

“I was asked, lord, by Publius Accius Aquila, a centurion in the sixth cohort of the cavalry, to send you a document asking for your indulgence on the status of his daughter as a citizen. I think it is hard to deny, since I know how much you are accustomed to hearing your soldiers’ requests with patience and kindness.”

CVI C. Plinius Traiano Imperatori
Rogatus, domine, a P. Accio Aquila, centurione cohortis sextae equestris, ut mitterem tibi libellum per quem indulgentiam pro statu filiae suae implorat, durum putavi negare, cum scirem quantam soleres militum precibus patientiam humanitatemque praestare.

CVII Traianus Plinio

“I read the request from Publius Accius Aguila, the centurion of the sixth cavalry cohort, which you sent to me. I have acceded to his pleas for his daughter to have Roman citizenship. I have sent you the document which you may provide to him.”

Libellum P. Accii Aquilae, centurionis sextae equestris, quem mihi misisti, legi; cuius precibus motus dedi filiae eius civitatem Romanam. Libellum rescriptum quem illi redderes, misi tibi.

Roman Military Diploma

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