Greek is More Important

J.E. Sandys, A History of Classical Scholarship Vol. II:

“The author’s [Guillaume Bude’s] learning was generously recognised by Scaliger, and much of the material stored in his pages was incorporated in the Greek Thesaurus of Henri Estienne. The little volume De Philologia (1530) is a plea for the public recognition of classical scholarship, in the form of a dialogue between Budaeus and Francis I. In his far more extensive work De Transitu Hellenismi ad Christianismum (1534) he describes the philosophy of Greece as a preparation for Christianity, and defends the study of Greek from the current imputation of ‘ heresy ‘. His French treatise, De l’Institution du Prince, written in 1516, was not printed until 1547. He here declares that ‘every man, even if he be a king, should be devoted to philology’, which is interpreted as ‘the love of letters and of all liberal learning’. Such learning, he adds, can only be attained through Greek and Latin, and of these Greek is the more important.”

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