Boeotian Hesiod: Born in Ascra, Buried in Orkhomenos

Bacchylides, 5.187-194

“For truth’s sake it is right to praise
Only after pushing envy away with both hands
if some mortal man acts well.
The Boiotian man says these things,
Hesiod, guardian of the sweet Muses.
Whichever man the gods honor,
Mortal fame will follow.”

[Χρὴ] δ’ ἀληθείας χάριν
αἰνεῖν, φθόνον ἀμφ[οτέραι-]
[σιν] χερσὶν ἀπωσάμενον,
εἴ τις εὖ πράσσοι βροτῶ[ν.]
Βοιωτὸς ἀνὴρ τᾶδε φών[ησεν, γλυκειᾶν]
῾Ησίοδος πρόπολος
Μουσᾶν, ὃν <ἂν> ἀθάνατοι τι[μῶσι, τούτῳ]
καὶ βροτῶν φήμαν ἕπ[εσθαι.]


According to Pausanias (9.38.3) Hesiod’s grave is in Orkhomenos. Hesiod’s Epitaph (Paus. 9.38.4)

“Grain-rich Askrê was his country, but when he died
The land of the horse-driving Minyans came to hold
Hesiod’s bones—his fame will rise to be the greatest in Greece
When men are judged by a touchstone of skill”

῎Ασκρη μὲν πατρὶς πολυλήιος, ἀλλὰ θανόντος
ὀστέα πληξίππων γῆ Μινυῶν κατέχει
῾Ησιόδου, τοῦ πλεῖστον ἐν ῾Ελλάδι κῦδος ὀρεῖται
ἀνδρῶν κρινομένων ἐν βασάνῳ σοφίης.

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