Homer, Odyssey 11.134

“Death will come to you from the sea”

θάνατος δέ τοι ἐξ ἁλὸς αὐτῷ

Not just a one-night stand...

This is probably an allusion to the story of the Telegony,when Odysseus is killed by his son with Circe, Telegonus (who goes on to marry Penelope).

Did they teach you that in high school?

6 thoughts on “Homer, Odyssey 11.134

  1. Someday I will write a post over at my blog about what a future reconstruction of the character of Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers or James Bond would look like in 2,000 years when we only have fragments of the “whole tradition”. “Some of the film commentaries speak of Jason’s mother as the primary killer, though no example of this idea survives..” “There is mention of a “James Bond Jr.” but none of the surviving scripts feature Bond’s children…”

    Sherlock Holmes would be a fantastic figure for this kind of speculation given the many, many versions of the character.

    1. I think this is absolutely perfect. Imagine the fragments that just might survive: a frame from a movie, a review of a second version; fan fic that features pornographic content. An interview with an actor.

      Oh, the poor and lonely future….

      1. Comics especially, with their many, many and convoluted versions and changes and remakes and reimagininings are ripe for this sort of thing!

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