Seneca’s Serenity Prayer

Seneca, Moral Epistles 107.7-9

“Winter returns the cold, and we feel cold. Summer brings the heat, and we must be warm. Intemperate skies test health and we must be sick Wild beasts approach us in one place, while people more dangerous than beasts are everywhere. Floods ruin one thing; fires destroy another.

We are incapable of changing the nature of things. But we can do this: develop a strong spirit worthy of a good person, the very thing that helps us bravely endure chance and give our consent to nature.  Indeed, nature oversees the realm you look on with her changes. A peaceful sky replaces clouds; the seas get stirred up when they have been calm; winds take their turns blowing; day follows night; part of the sky rises, the rest sets. Eternity resides in the tensions among these things.

Our souls must fit themselves to this law, this is the law we follow. Whatever happens,  believe that it had to happen and don’t long to castigate nature. It is best to endure what you cannot change.”

Hiems frigora adducit: algendum est. Aestas calores refert: aestuandum est. Intemperies caeli valitudinem temptat: aegrotandum est. Et fera nobis aliquo loco occurret et homo perniciosior feris omnibus. Aliud aqua, aliud ignis eripiet. Hanc rerum condicionem mutare non possumus; illud possumus, magnum sumere animum et viro bono dignum, quo fortiter fortuita patiamur et naturae consentiamus. Natura autem hoc, quod vides, regnum mutationibus temperat; nubilo serena succedunt; turbantur maria, cum quieverunt; flant in vicem venti; noctem dies sequitur; pars caeli consurgit, pars mergitur. Contrariis rerum aeternitas constat.

Ad hanc legem animus noster aptandus est; hanc sequatur, huic pareat. Et quaecumque fiunt, debuisse fieri putet nec velit obiurgare naturam. Optimum est pati, quod emendare non possis

Meme from game of thrones: frozen soldier turning into zombie with Latin title "optimum est pati quod emendare non possis". This means "it is best to endure what you cannot change"

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