Take Care of Yourself, For Me!

Cicero, Lettters 16.14

Tully Greets Tiro,

Andricus got here a day later than I was anticipating so I had a night full of fear and worry. I am not even a little bit clearer from your letters about how you’re doing, but I am still relieved. I have no bit of pleasure, nothing to read I can really touch before I see you.

Command that the doctor receive however much he demands! I have written as much to Ummius. I gather that your mind is exhausted and that this is why you’re sick. If you care anything about me, resurrect your love of literature and the life of the mind that makes me love you. You need a strong mind to help your body heal and I beg you to get it back as much as for me as for you. Keep Acastus there to look after you. Save yourself for me! The day of my promise is almost here. If you come, I will be there in person.

Again, and again, take care of yourself.


Andricus postridie ad me venit quam exspectaram; itaque habui noctem plenam timoris ac miseriae. tuis litteris nihilo sum factus certior quo modo te haberes, sed tamen sum recreatus. ego omni delectatione litterisque omnibus careo, quas ante quam te videro attingere non possum.

Medico mercedis quantum poscet promitti iubeto. id scripsi ad Ummium. audio te animo angi et medicum dicere ex eo te laborare. si me diligis, excita ex somno tuas litteras humanitatemque, propter quam mihi es carissimus. nunc opus est te animo valere ut corpore possis. id cum tua tum mea causa facias a te peto. Acastum retine, quo commodius tibi ministretur. conserva te mihi. dies promissorum adest, quem1 etiam repraesentabo si adveneris.

Etiam atque etiam vale.

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