Gone at 20 in Childbirth, Mourned Evermore

SEG 9.193 (Cyrene, 1st/2nd Century CE)

“This grave holds Plauta
who lived twenty years,
Pregnant twice, leaving a single child,
She was equal to the goddesses,
But perished through sickness and childbirth.

Her loomcloth goes unknown
In the shadow and her talkative shuttle
Sits similarly on her skilled distaff.
Yet the fame of her life sings on
As deep as her dear husband’s endless grief.”

1 (ἐτῶν) κʹ.
τὴν διτόκον μονόπαιδα θε-
ῆις ἰκέλην ὅδε Πλαύταν | νού-
σωι καὶ τοκετῶι τύμβος
5 ἔχει φθιμένην, | ἀκλέα δ’ ἐν
σκοτίηι πηνίσματα καὶ λά-
λος αὔτως | κερκὶς ὁ-
μοῦ πινυτῆι κεῖται ἐπ’ ἠ-
λεκάτηι, | καὶ τῆς μὲν βι-
10 ότου κλέος ᾄδεται ὅσ-
σον ἐκείνης, | τόσσον
καὶ μελέου πένθος ἀεὶ πόσι-

Marble grave stele with a family group, MET 11.100.2


thanks to Armand D’angour for fielding a question about μονόπαιδα which means  “only child” at Eur. Alcestis 906 μονόπαις

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