Oaths, Relief, and Restoration

Homer, Iliad 3.230

“You are all witnesses: ensure the oaths are kept”

ὑμεῖς μάρτυροι ἔστε, φυλάσσετε δ’ ὅρκια πιστά ῾

Michael Apostolios, Proverbs 15.17

“An oath of Rhadamanthys: [a proverb] applied to those bearing witness to justice”

῾Ραδαμάνθυος ὅρκος: ἐπὶ τῶν ἐπὶ δικαιοσύνῃ μαρτυρουμένων.


Plato, Republic 9

“So we should not believe that pleasure is a release from grief nor that grief is a relief from pleasure.”

Μὴ ἄρα πειθώμεθα καθαρὰν ἡδονὴν εἶναι τὴν λύπης ἀπαλλαγήν, μηδὲ λύπην τὴν ἡδονῆς.


Valerius Maximus, 2.2

“What then has our returned restraint, our renewed labor accomplished? Well, it brought forth many victories over the enemy whose back was impossible for a Roman soldier to see under such a narcissistic leader.”

quid ergo restituta continentia, quid repetita industria profecit? crebras scilicet victorias et multa tropaea peperit ex eo hoste cuius tergum sub ambitioso imperatore Romano militi videre non contigerat.


Cicero, Letters 12.3

“We rejoice at both the safety of the Republic and its victory and the restoration of your honors…”

Cum rei publicae vel salute vel victoria gaudemus tum instauratione tuarum laudum…

he altar dedicated to Hermes, late 2nd century BC. Agora of the Competaliasts (or Hermaists) on Delos.

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