Tawdry Tuesday: Further Scatological Studies

Go here for more words for excrement. And here for “shitting the bed.”

Aristophanes, Wealth 625-628

“If I flash lightning, the rich dudes
And the important fools
All pray and shit in their pants.”

κἂν ἀστράψω, ποππύζουσιν
κἀγκεχόδασίν μ᾿ οἱ πλουτοῦντες
καὶ πάνυ σεμνοί.

Damox, fr. 2. 15-16

“Rub him down with shit / and expel him from school”
μινθώσας ἄφες / ὡς ἐκ διατριβῆς

Arsenius, 6.70c

“You have fallen into Augeus’ dung: this means “you are immersed in filth”

Εἰς τὴν Αὐγέου κόπρον ἐμπέπτωκας: ἤγουν ἐβορβορώθης.

Eubulus. Fr. 52 [from Athenaeus]

“After that, I left Thebes, where they dine all night
And all day long and each person has a toilet
Next to his door—and there’s nothing better
For a person who’s full. Someone who is walking far
And needs to shit after eating a lot,
He’s hilarious to see as he bites down on his lips.”
μετὰ ταῦτα Θήβας ἦλθον, οὗ τὴν νύχθ᾿ ὅλην

τήν θ᾿ ἡμέραν δειπνοῦσι καὶ κοπρῶν᾿ ἔχει
ἐπὶ ταῖς θύραις ἕκαστος, οὗ πλήρει βροτῷ
οὐκ ἔστι μεῖζον ἀγαθόν· ὡς χεζητιῶν
μακρὰν βαδίζων, πολλὰ δ᾿ † ἐσθίων † ἀνήρ,
δάκνων τὰ χείλη παγγέλοιός ἐστ᾿ ἰδεῖν.

From Henderson’s maculate muse

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