Tawdry Tuesday: Failing to Rise to the Occasion

Greek Anthology, 5.47 Rufinus

To Thaleia, his escort

“I often yearn to take you at night, Thaleia,
And fill my heart with your warm lust-madness.
But now when you are naked next to me with sweet limbs,
I am spent, and my limb is worn with sleepy exhaustion.
Cowardly heart, what have you suffered? Rise up, don’t be weary!
Someday you will seek such excessive good luck again.”

εἰς Θάλειαν, τὴν ἑαυτοῦ ἑταίραν
Πολλάκις ἠρασάμην σε λαβὼν ἐν νυκτί, Θάλεια,
πληρῶσαι θαλερῇ θυμὸν ἐρωμανίῃ·
νῦν δ᾽, ὅτε 〈μοι〉 γυμνὴ γλυκεροῖς μελέεσσι πέπλησαι,
ἔκλυτος ὑπναλέῳ γυῖα κέκμηκα κόπῳ.
θυμὲ τάλαν, τί πέπονθας; ἀνέγρεο μηδ᾽ ἀπόκαμνε·
ζητήσεις ταύτην τὴν ὑπερευτυχίην.

C. 490 BCE Red Figure attributed to Euphronius Painter, British Museum

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