In Order to Succeed, Old Cleanthes Never Peed

William Rankins, A Mirror of Monsters:

Consider if Aristotle had giuen his minde to idlenesse, hée had neuer ascended to so high a degrée of learning and honour, as to be tearmed Princeps Philosophorum, Cicero had neuer deserued to be called Pater Patriae, but by shunning idlenesse. Remember what honour poore Cleanthes got, who all night accustomed to carrie water, that in the daye he might haue maintenance to studie the liberall Sciences.

How came Alexander to be conqueror of the world, but by flying idlenesse? Idlenesse might haue hindered Hercules in accomplishing his haughtie and honourable labours? But that his manlie brest was neuer possest with such an ignoble mind. Vlisses detesting the delaies of idlenesse, in a moment finished the ten years warre betwixt the Graecians and the Troians. Apelles had neuer prooued so cunning a Painter, if he had not euerie day drawne a line with his pensile

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