Sweep that Shit Out with Wild Etymology!

Varro, de Lingua Latina 6.4:

“The day which is called, ‘A court day when the shit has been taken away,’ is so named because on that day the shit is removed from the Temple of Vesta and is born through the Capitoline Hill to a certain spot.”

Dies qui vocatur “Quando stercum delatum fas,” ab eo appellatus, quod eo die ex Aede Vestae stercus everritur et per Capitolinum Clivum in locum defertur certum.


“To take care (curare) comes from care (cura), because the heart burns (cor urat): curious is derived from the fact that the heart burns more than usual. To recall (recordari) comes from the idea to call back into one’s heart (in cor revocare). The Curia is where the senate takes care of (curat) the republic, and there is where the public concern for sacred rites is shown; the priests of the curia (curiones) are named after these as well.”

Curare a cura dictum. Cura, quod cor urat; curiosus, quod hac praeter modum utitur. Recordari, rursus in cor revocare. Curiae, ubi senatus rempublicam curat, et illa ubi cura sacrorum publica; ab his curiones.

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