Must I Care About Aristotle?

Thomas Jefferson Hogg, The Life of Percy Bysshe Shelley: 

“‘They are very dull people here,’ Shelley said to me one evening soon after his arrival, with a long-drawn sigh, after musing awhile; ‘a little man sent for me this morning, and told me in an almost inaudible whisper that I must read: “you must read”,  he said many times in his small voice. I answered that I had no objection. He persisted; so, to satisfy him, for he did not appear to believe me, I told him I had some books in my pocket, and I began to take them out. He stared at me, and said that was not exactly what he meant: ”you must read Prometheus Vinctus, and Demosthenes de Corona, and Euclid”. Must I read Euclid? I asked sorrowfully.” Yes, certainly; and when you have read the Greek works I have mentioned, you must begin Aristotle’s Ethics, and then you may go on to his other treatises. It is of the utmost importance to be well acquainted with Aristotle”. This he repeated so often that I was quite tired, and at last I said, Must I care about Aristotle? what if I do not mind Aristotle? I then left him, for he seemed to be in great perplexity.'”

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