Some Pictures from Delphi

The site of Delphi, famous for the Oracle of Pythian Apollo, is impossible to show in one image. Far from any major city, it sits on the side of Mt. Parnassus and includes ruins of the sacred way, many dedicatory treasuries, a temple to Apollo, a theater, and, higher up, as stadium. Below the modern road, there is also an athletic training ground and a temple complex dedicated to Athena.

Here’s the view of the mountain peak from the museum:


The remains of the temple to Apollo:


A site model in the museum:


One site plan:

Image result for delphi site plan

A view of the gymnasium below the sacred way and the valley:


The theater (which seats around 5000)


A drawing of the site plan:

Image result for delphi site plan

An image of the theater from above:


The stadium above the theater (not my image):

Image result for stadium of delphi

The temple of Athena Pronaia:


The modern Museum:

Image result for delphi museum

The second post will highlight some of my favorite pieces in this museum

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  1. It’s such a majestic and peaceful place, isn’t it? The enormity of the space, the vistas, the mountains just envelop you in the atmosphere. I felt closer to antiquity there than at the Parthenon.

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