Some Pictures of Athens Near Dawn

I like to run in unfamiliar cities and to get thoroughly lost in them. Now, when we travel with children who aren’t up to touring a town for 8-10 hours a day, this is also a good way to see some things which it might take 2 hours to get to with the young ones in tow.

(And don’t worry that I am spending all my time in Greece blogging. I am skimping on the sleep and enjoying Greek coffee while the kids recover from two days in Santorini.)


Panathenaic Stadium


Hadrian’s Arch


Temple of Olympian Zeus


Acropolis from Behind Theater of Dionysus


Another shot of the same, a bit farther west


Sanctuary of Pan, South of Akropolis


Mt. Lycabettus (Lykavittos) at dawn


Graffiti I cannot disagree with


The Academy of Athens


The National Archaeologlical Museum with Mt. Lycabettus in the Background


A sculpture not too far from my hotel (Great School of the Nation Square)

This route started near the sculpture and then went down past the Temple of Olympian Zeus and south of the Akropolis. From there I went around the north side of Mt. Lycabettus via the Akademia, National Museum and Areos Pedion (Field/Plain of Ares).

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