Saturdays Are No Longer for the Boys

Rufinus, Epigrams VI (Greek Anthology 5.19)

“No longer am I crazy for boys, as once I was – Now I am crazy for women, and the discus has yielded to the castanet. I am now pleased by the colors of makeup and the superadded charm of rouge, instead of the guileless skin of boys. Surely, tree-tressed Erymanthus will give a watery pasture to the dolphins, and the swift deer will find their food on the old gray waves of the sea.”


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Οὐκέτι παιδομανὴς ὡς πρίν ποτε, νῦν δὲ καλοῦμαι

     θηλυμανής, καὶ νῦν δίσκος ἐμοὶ κρόταλον,

ἀντὶ δέ μοι παίδων ἀδόλου χροὸς ἤρεσε γύψου

     χρώματα καὶ φύκους ἄνθος ἐπεισόδιον·

βοσκήσει δελφῖνας ὁ δενδροκόμης ᾿Ερύμανθος

     καὶ πολιὸν πόντου κῦμα θοὰς ἐλάφους.

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