Driven to a Narrow Pass

Erasmus, Adagia 1.1.17:

“Now my forces are driven to a narrow pass.”

Terence, in his Self-Punisher, signifies the same thing with a separate allegory when he writes, ‘my forces are now wholly driven into a narrow strait.’ The metaphor is taken from the army, which struggles when enclosed in an unfavorable position and surrounded by enemies in such a way that it is difficult to escape.”

Image result for erasmus

Nunc meae in artum coguntur copiae. xvii

Rem eandem diversa significat allegoria Terentius in Heautontimorumeno, cum ait : In angustum oppido nunc meae coguntur copiae. Metaphora sumpta ab exercitu, qui laborat iniquo conclusus loco et undique obsidetur ab hostibus, ut difficile sit effugere.

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