A Lesson in Tyrannical Civility

Epistles of Phalaris, No. 11 – To Megacles:

“I have sent you some horses outfitted for the race, and I have ordered Teukros to give you money. If you should need anything else, don’t hesitate to write. There is no request so great that I would not gladly grant it to you.”

Image result for ancient greek race horse

Καὶ τοὺς ἵππους ἐκπέπομφά σοι κεκοσμημένους ἐπὶ τὸν ἀγῶνα καὶ τὰ χρήματα δοῦναι Τεύκρῳ προστέταχα. κἂν ἄλλου του δέῃ, μὴ κατόκνει γράφειν· οὐδὲν γὰρ οὕτως ἔσται μέγα τῶν αἰτημάτων, ὃ μὴ πάντως αἰτησαμένῳ χαριούμεθα.

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