“I Didn’t Love Literature”

Augustine, Confessions 1.12

“But in boyhood itself, about which I felt less fear than about adolescence, I didn’t love literature, and I hated that I was forced to my books, but I was forced nevertheless and it turned out well for me. I was not doing well for myself (for I would not learn unless I was compelled; and no one who works unwillingly does a thing well, even if it is a good thing which he does.)”

in ipsa tamen pueritia, de qua mihi minus quam de adulescentia metuebatur, non amabam litteras et me in eas urgeri oderam, et urgebar tamen et bene mihi fiebat. nec faciebam ego bene (non enim discerem nisi cogerer; nemo autem invitus bene facit, etiamsi bonum est quod facit)

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