You’re Forgiven Only Once

Epistles of Phalaris, VI: To Zeuxippus

“I grant pardon to your son on account of his youth, and to you on account of your old age, though you have both done unpardonable things. If, however, you do not desist from your boldness, neither his youth nor your age will save you. Nay, rather, you will be punished all the more for those things by which you have just now earned your pardon.”

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Τῷ μὲν υἱῷ σου διὰ τὴν νεότητα συγγινώσκω, σοὶ δὲ διὰ τὸ γῆρας, καίπερ ἀσύγγνωστα πεποιηκόσιν. ἂν μέντοι μὴ παύσησθε τῆς αὐθαδείας, οὔτ’ ἐκεῖνον ἡ νεότης οὔτε σὲ τὸ γῆρας ἐξαιρήσεται, δι’ αὐτὰ δὲ ταῦτα καὶ μᾶλλον κολασθήσεσθε, δι’ ἃ νῦν συγγνώμης ἀξιοῦσθε.

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