Trees Talking? Chill, It’s Just Make-Believe

Prologue to Phaedrus’ Collection of Aesopic fables

“Aesop is the author who brought to life the material,
And I have polished it with senarian verse.
The book’s gift is double: for it makes you laugh
And it advises your life with wise advice.
If anyone should desire to criticize it,
Because the trees talk in addition to the beasts,
Don’t forget: we are playing with the make-believe.”

Aesopus auctor quam materiam repperit,
hanc ego polivi versibus senariis.
Duplex libelli dos est: quod risum movet
et quod prudenti vitam consilio monet.
Calumniari si quis autem voluerit,
quod arbores loquantur, non tantum ferae,
fictis iocari nos meminerit fabulis.


Yes, this is from Phaedrus the Fabulist.

You can find the full text of Phaedrus here.

There is also a pretty great site with resources about Aesopic fables.

talking trees
Ok, Animate Trees can be scary….



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