Homer Can’t Make Us Forget About Love

Horace, Odes 4.5-12

“Even though Homer holds the foremost seat, the songs of Pindar and Simonides, the threatening notes of Alcaeus and the weighty strains of Stesichorus are not forgotten. Nor has aged destroyed the playful fancies of Anacreon; love still breathes, and the passions of Sappho, committed to the lyre’s strings, live on today.”

non, si priores Maeonius tenet               5
sedes Homerus, Pindaricae latent
Ceaeque et Alcaei minaces
Stesichoriue graves Camenae;

nec siquid olim lusit Anacreon,
delevit aetas; spirat adhuc amor               10
vivuntque commissi calores
Aeoliae fidibus puellae.

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