Lucretius, De Rerum Natura 199-207: Men And Giants Can’t Come From Nothing

“And why can’t nature make men so large
that they cross the depths of the sea with their feet
or tear down great mountains with their hands
or outstrip many teeming generations in living,
if not for this: the contingent material of all possible generation
is assigned and fixed for the creation of all things?
Therefore, we must affirm that nothing can come from nothing,
since everything must have a seed from which all creation
may be offered to the soft breezes of the air.”

Denique cur homines tantos natura parare
non potuit, pedibus qui pontum per vada possent          200
transire et magnos manibus divellere montis
multaque vivendo vitalia vincere saecla,
si non, materies quia rebus reddita certast
gignundis, e qua constat quid possit oriri?
nil igitur fieri de nilo posse fatendumst,                         205
semine quando opus est rebus, quo quaeque creatae
aeris in teneras possint proferrier auras.

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