A Grammarian With an Angry Wife

Palladas of Alexandria, Greek Anthology 9.168

“Unfortunately, I married a wife who is ‘destructive wrath,’ and my profession, too, obliges me to start from ‘wrath.’ Oh! I am a man subject to much wrath, having to deal with it in two ways: my grammatical art*, and my angry wife!”

„Μῆνιν οὐλομένην” γαμετὴν ὁ τάλας γεγάμηκα

καὶ παρὰ τῆς τέχνης μήνιδος ἀρξάμενος.

ὤμοι ἐγὼ πολύμηνις, ἔχων διχόλωτον ἀνάγκην,

τέχνης γραμματικῆς καὶ γαμετῆς μαχίμης.

*That is, as a grammarian, whose profession would naturally involve commenting upon Homer, whose Iliad begins with ‘wrath.’

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    1. Isn’t it? This guy Palladas has a lot of this sort of thing, which I am putting in the queue for the week. When I read it, I knew immediately that you would appreciate the Homeric touches!

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